Well, well, well…

I guess that men don’t know everything, do they?

Well, a lot of us have known that for a long time, but today we’re all going to learn some new things and be pretty darn impressed about what most men DON’T know they can do.

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“They don’t know that they can have mind numbing whole body orgasms with no refractory periods.

The magic of the prostate stimulation orgasm. It leaves me weak in my knees and just completely lost in bliss heaven. I just wanna keep going and never stop.

Regulars orgasms just feel lacking after you experience this for the first time.”

Come on, guys!

“Express platonic, non-familial affection.

I’m a woman and sometimes think about how often my women friends are physically affectionate. Whether we’re laughing or crying, there is always a hug, a casual hand on the arm, a shoulder squeeze.

Then I watch men and it breaks my heart to see how many are only ever touched when they are fighting, playing sport, or having sex. I really like travelling to places where it is normal for men to hold hands with their friends, humans need touch.”

It’s good for you!

“Be friends with women.

Most of my friends are girls, and when people learn that they look at me weird and I’m just like, “So what?””

Keep that in mind.

“Outrun nearly basically every animal.

People seem to forget that when it comes to endurance humans are at the top.

We used to chase down our prey till they would pass out from exhaustion.”

Embrace your feminine side.

“You can tell people to fuck off when they talk down on you for doing “feminine” things.

Bake a cake, dance your heart out, moisturize, and feel good.”

Go for it!

“Walk up and just talk to women most of the time they’ll give you a chance as long as it’s in the right setting.”

We’re done here.

“Just get up and walk away from any conversation at any time.

You are not required to talk, debate or argue.

You can literally just check out at any time.”

Never knew that.

“Have postpartum depression.

I was a mess for several months after my first son was born.

Thankfully, it didn’t happen with my second.”

Let it all out.

“You can feel. You can show emotions.

I was born and raised to hide your emotions and to never show them. To be reserved, to feel as if I was weak if I showed any sign other than resilience. You’ll feel much better if you let things out.

Please talk to someone even though it may feel uncomfortable. You’re never alone in you’re struggles, I promise you this.”

Do it all!

“Whatever the f**k we want.

Want to cook? Practice cooking. Want to learn how to do a martial art? Sign up.

Stop letting that “I would but I need to…first” get in the way. If you stumble pick your a** back up and try again tomorrow. Attack the issue directly.”

Turn it around.

“Most men don’t know that they can completely reinvent themselves by lifting weights and walking.

If you consistently use a weight lifting program and follow it with a decent diet and 30 mins of walking on a high incline not only will you lose weight, you will gain strength, feel better, sleep better, and gain confidence too.

There’s this stigma about guys talking about this. Like we are trying be the next Andrew Tate or brag about how strong we are all. My brothers I am telling lifters are in a community that want to see each other thrive.”

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