I AM AN AMERICAN…and even I think there are certain aspects about our culture that are just…weird…

And I’m not alone, based on these responses from people on AskReddit!

Let’s hear what they had to say about the things about American culture that they just can’t comprehend.

Take a look!

Sounds nice.

“Having 2 weeks vacation, or no PTO for most.

In my current country you have to takes 2 weeks of mandatory leave in a row.

Including public holidays I get about 7 weeks vacation a year.”

Wild stuff.


I grew up with parents who followed and sent money to Kenneth Copeland and the likes of him. They teach that if you give your money to the church (and to them), god will bless you with prosperity and you’ll be rich.

43 years later, my dad is still poor. Still gives 10% of his money. My mom was listening to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s healing teaching recordings as she d**d from cancer.”

Go team!

“School mascots.

Where I live, we just have teams and just play matches against people. In America, it’s all like “GO EASTTOWN EAGLES!!! OOGACHACKA!” and there would be some person in a cheapo eagle suit spinning a basketball on his fingers or something.

You would have a full dramatic cheerleader dance off before your match, we just shake hands and stare at each other.”

Rules are rules.

“Zero tolerance rule…

Who came up with that s**t? The victim is the one who is f**ked.

Either he gets b**lied or he gets a panalty for defending himself.”

Good point.

“I speak as a Latin American.

I don’t get why people think that using something from my culture or showing interest of Latin culture is “culture appropriation”.

I’ve spoken to a lot of people in my culture about this thing and we all think it’s alright.”

Gotta be careful.

“How casual debt is.

And how easy it is to take loans and credit cards out in other people’s names without their knowledge.”


“Having to tip almost everywhere.

It definitely makes sense at some places, but feel like we have to tip at the most random of places these days.”

We want it!

“Americans love french fries, cheese, and gravy, but poutine never took off south of the border.

Always found that odd…”

It’s horrible.

“Your healthcare system, so complicated and expensive.

And people going bankrupt because they get sick, what bullsh**tery is this?”

For real!

“Why they don’t include tax in the total price of something. Just include it and make life easier.

I don’t want to have to do math every time I go there and buy something.”


“You are allowed to drive a car at 16, own guns and sign up for the military at 18.

But al**hol – behold the devil’s liquid – is only for 21+.”

That seems to be the case…

“You Americans seem to have both the smartest and the stupidest humans on earth coexisting in your country.”

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