You know you’re starting to get old when a lot of your favorite products disappear.

But you never know when something will make a comeback!

I mean, who could have predicted that Zima would return to us in such a glorious fashion?

Not this guy!

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about things that were discontinued that they want to come back.

Start now!

Do you remember?

“3D Doritos. The thin and crispy kind that came in a black thermos looking thing. Also asteroids in the same container.

Salsa flavored Doritos. Not salsa verde. Just plain salsa that came in a black/red bag.

Smothered burritos from Taco Bell. They were cheap and tasty AF.”

For your smelly feet.

“KIWI used to make insoles that were made for women’s flats.

They smelled so nice & clean and kept my shoes from getting gross on the inside.

They have since discontinued them around 2014 or so and now the only ones you can sometimes find are powder fresh scent which is awful.”

Come on!

“Taco Bell used to have a thing called the beefy crunch burrito and it was glorious.

Also, their salsa verde packets.

Get your s**t together Taco Bell.”

Looking for help.

“Trix Yogurt.

As far as I know it’s been discontinued and I haven’t seen it in stores in over a decade.

Someone please tell me this is wrong though.”

Oh, the memories.

“Altoid Sours! Man, I miss those so much.

Altoid is stupid for not bringing those back. So many brands are getting on the nostalgia train and cashing in.”

It’s just not the same…


The ones they have out now are absolutely not the same.

And they’re all stale.”

The public demands it.

“Keebler Pizza Chips.

There’s even Facebook groups that want it back.

There’s some legal rights bulls**t involving multiple companies so it’ll basically never come back.”

Check out this list!

“Swenson Root Beer Marble Ice Cream.

Swanson Hungry man chicken pot pie, 1970’s.

Lea & Perrins Steak Sauce.

Sense of taste and smell, pre C-19.

Sizzler salad bar

BottleCaps candy (People Report seeing them in Illinois & Arizona)

Chicken Kiev (Apparently can be found at certain Safeways)


Grasshopper pie

Vinegar summer salad

Dolly Madison Bars

Automat diners

Free car wash with every gas fill-up

Independent shops on Main St in Disneyland. And being able to buy original movie cells from the films in a old cardboard box for $5 each.

Arthur Teachers Fish & Chips

Taco Bell/Dell Taco 3 tacos $1.

Blue Plate Specials

Restaurants recipes before everything became a SYSCO bagged gloop.

All the used book stores

The joy of answering phone calls before caller id, spam, and telemarketers.

Parsley Garnish on plates.

Pioneer Chicken

The Old Fire House antique store Seattle WA. The owner had some of the rarest and most amazing swords and weapons I have ever seen outside and including sometimes better than many museums.

Saturday cartoons , pre – toy marketing.


Mini skirts & tube tops

Laundry chutes & sunken conversation pits in houses.

Brach Butterscotch Disks


Fun Dip, the vanilla stick part. (Someone reports seeing in the wild, no location given)

Comics in newspapers

Doonesbury comic


Frys Electronics

Astronaut Ice Cream

10 cent candy bars. There isn’t even a cent symbol on my electronic keyboard anymore.

Denim jackets

The brief period where we had the metric system, I curse its loss frequently.

Magazines: MAD, Cracked, National Lampoon, Dragon, Amazing Stories,

Independent comic books.

Being able to see the Milky Way in most parts of the US backyards.

Robert Asprin cranking out a book or movie adaptation every 4 and 1/2 days.

Anne McCaffery. It’s not that her books are the greatest things in the universe. But just that she existed and that she cranked out such love. Both my partner and I independently got to work with her professionally and she was such an incredible dear, intelligent, and kind woman.

The thrill of hunting through a used book or music store for ages and stumbling across the obscure item from a list of hundreds that you had been looking for. EBAY, a searchable database, www.discogs.com, and all the others are wonderful, but the hunt was kind of cool.

Taking a family out to the movies plus going out for a treat after for under $20.

Take it all in…

“Aqua Marine, a perfume that bath and body works used to sell.

That fragrance has been the most evocative, sensory trigger to a time when things felt so much better.

I was so upset when I heard they stopped selling those! If I ever got to smell it again, I would just BATHE IN IT AND SWIM IN THAT NOSTALGIA.”

It’s time…

“Taco Bell’s Double Decker Taco.

It had the perfect balance of crunch and chewiness.

Bring it back!”


“Things that could be repaired.

Most of the stuff from the 60s could be refitted and work like it always does. Stuff today is always covered in proprietary screws, with proprietary plastic paneling or inserts.

When that stuff snaps you just have to chuck it and buy new because the replacement parts cost more than the initial purchase (for a reason I’m sure).”

What do you want to see make a comeback?

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