It’s a fact that we live in a cancel culture…at least for now…

One false move and you’re bound to get in trouble from all sorts of people who hold very strong opinions about any number of topics.

But I guess some things deserve to be canceled, right?

What would you cancel if you had the power?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Over it.

“The trend of making everything a subscription service.

Shopping sites, computer software, monthly boxes of c**p, tv channels, music, etc.

Like can corporations squeeze a few more profits out of people?”

2. Enough of that.

“Kids Youtube channels.

YouTube was never supposed to have kids channels.

That’s why it’s 13+.”

3. Brutal practice.

“Shark finning.

The act is horrendous for a dish that’s a status symbol.”

4. A strange scene.

“Child beauty pageants. I feel so bad for the kids who have to participate in them.

For example, in “Toddlers and Tiaras” you can see that some of the kids don’t want to participate.

And it upsets me that their parents make them do it.”

5. USA.

“The two party political system.

It is the inevitable outcome of a broken voting system.

But the people in charge won’t fix the voting system, obviously, because that would lead to them not being in charge anymore.

Don’t you just love humans?”

6. Had enough?


Sure there are a few good ones but they are vastly outnumbered by the horrible ones.”

7. How about you just read it?

“Misinformation combined with people believing everything they read/being unwilling to do additional research to confirm what they’re reading.

Hell, I’d even go for people actually reading articles before they share.”

8. The way it is.

“Famous people who don’t have any talent/purpose and are just famous for their behavior or status.

I don’t think they should be making millions of money for nothing, when all that money can go to something better.”

9. Thoughts?

“Tipping at restaurants.

It’s a weird solely American practice that puts the servers in an inherent position of less power than their employers and the customers.”

10. This would be nice.

“In the US: the fact we have to do OUR OWN taxes.

It’s so unnecessary.

YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I OWE, just refund me or send me a bill.”

11. Forgiven!

“Debt. All of it.

Mortgages, student loans, 3rd World debt, credit card debt, car loans. Store cards. Rent arrears.

All of it.”

12. Workin’ those fingers to the bone.

“Our culture of overworking.

I don’t want to be a manager or a supervisor ever because I already work more than I should without OT and I’m a worker bee.”

13. All of this stuff.




Human ambition that leads to destruction of the planet

Bad internet

America’s student loans and medical bills.”

14. A good idea.

“Extremism in all its forms.

Including far left and far right extremism.”

15. History lesson.

“Political parties in general.

When the US was founded, its founders warned that if political parties existed, they would cause our country to be divided and conquered by politicians.

I believe that’s why there’s so much division in this country.

At least that’s part of it.”

16. Definitely some truth to this.

“Cancel culture.

Just shut the f**k up and let people live their lives.

Not everyone is evil and deserving of being canceled.

Satire is still a thing, don’t get worked up over nothing.”

17. Time to evolve.

“Animal agriculture.

It’s cruel and destructive, time to evolve.”

18. I can’t stand this stuff.

“Sports talk channels.

They are always on at the gym and some of the topics I see on the screen are inane, to be kind.

The worst part is that the commentators seem to go on for hours about this silly bulls**t.

I guess someone likes it but I think this trend of analyzing every possible scenario and detail about sports kind of misses the point.

It’s a game, we like to play and we like to watch, why can’t we leave it at that?”

19. What’s more important?

“Huge overblown expensive weddings that no one can afford.

Just put on your best frock or suit, get someone to marry you in your church/courthouse and have a nice meal with your close friends and family.

The ‘wedding’ has become more important that the ‘marriage’.”

20. All gone!

“All personal debt. Not amongst world governments.

I just wish no individual owed any financial institution any amount of money.”

21. Really?

“The Simpsons.

Put them out of their misery, please.”

22. To each their own.

“Forcing people to subscribe to your beliefs even if you do think it’s unprogressive.

The whole world can’t think like you nor do they live for you.”

23. A rough one.

“Type 1 diabetes.

I h**e seeing my mom suffer through all the complications it’s brought her.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well you take care of yourself, the disease always wins.”

24. Yup.

“The constant and ever-increasing hyperbole we’re all exposed to.

Nothing can ever just be bad anymore, it has to be the literal worst thing that has ever happened to any human being in history.

Nothing can ever just be fun anymore, it has to be the most epic, monumentally awesome thing that’s ever happened to you. It’s ridiculous.”

25. I’m with you 100%.

“Celebrity culture. Especially useless ones like the Kardashians.

I read a while ago that people were donating money to Khloe(?) Kardashian to make her the youngest female billionaire.

Like, seriously??”

26. That’s the dream.

“I would cancel partisan politics.

Your entire job is to work together for the betterment of all.

As soon as you decide that instead of working together you’re just going to obstruct, you’re gone.”

What would you cancel if you had the power?

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