I remember the dumbest lie I ever believed when I was growing up.

A kid in my neighborhood had a whole group of us mesmerized one day at the bus stop telling us his epic story…the night before, he had actually seen THE FREAKIN’ EASTER BUNNY hop out of his house.

Yes, the night before was Easter, so it totally made sense to our second-grade brains. We were all blown away…and apparently, we were also pretty dumb.

AskReddit users talked about the dumb lies that folks actually believed. Let’s dive in!

1. Gramps.

“My grandpa told me this story of those signs that warn for falling rocks on the road.

He said a Native American chief put them up in an attempt to find his estranged son named Falling Rock. Every time I saw those signs I would look for him, only to be told years later that he made the whole thing up.

Man, I was a dumb kid.”

2. Spy games.

“In middle school, rumor was that I was a Russian spy.

Literally everyone believed it and ignored me for the next month, since they don’t want to leak information about themselves to Russia.”

3. A lot of this going around.

“A government providing financial aid to citizens in need (even during a global health and economic crisis) is a form of Communism and should never even be considered.

To be clear, I never believed this, but many others do.”

4. Okay…

“I heard this one a couple times when I was a kid:

“God is so precise in his designs that if the earth was a few inches closer or farther away from the sun we’d burn down or freeze.””

5. A tall tale.

“My grandpa used to tell me that story where he went to hunt one day and, as he was focused on hunting, a snake ate his leg.

Then he cut her open from head to tail in a rage attack but felt guilty after a while and sew her together again. She ran away and his leg grew back some time later.

Why I believed that, I have no clue.”

6. Ouch!

“When I was around 4, my older brother told me that since we were in a house with no chimney, we had to leave the door unlocked for Santa to get in on Christmas Eve.

We forgot and were robbed a month later.”

7. Red scare.

“”If South Vietnam falls, next week the whole world will be Commies”

And its sequel: Vietnam War 2: Middle Eastern Boogaloo.”

8. Carpe Diem?

“”Live life in the moment.”

High school and college loved to teach us that Carpe Diem stuff. Like, no bud, reflect on the past, dream and plan for the future.”

9. That’s why.

“In high school a student asked why the American soldiers in WWII got the nickname dough boy.

I said because when they were in France they would visit the French women and love the French bread so much they kept coming back. This is also why we have the Pillsbury dough boy.

This explanation was quickly shot down by my teacher but for just a moment I had them.”

10. I see what you did there.

“A few thousand years ago, a group of lunatics in the desert decided that there was a Big Man in the Sky that wanted them to k**l any person who didn’t agree with them about the exact qualities of The Big Man in the Sky.

Over the years they came to also believe that The Big Man in the Sky would send you to burn for all eternity if you mast**bated, but was perfectly fine with slavery.

Unfortunately many people still believe this lie.”

11. Have some!

“My stepdad always drank this vegetable juice so he could lose weight, but for years he told us it was blood and always tried to get us to have a sip, we would cry almost every time he tried to get us to have a sip.

I believed this for years until I actually bothered to read the bottle and realized it was just vegetable juice.”

12. Don’t touch that…

“My husband’s dad told him that the hazard light button was the “self-destruct button” of the car.

First time he saw the hazard lights get turned on, it terrified him.”

Okay, now it’s your turn, friends.

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