Everyone in a family is important. Parents take care of you, teach you valuable life lessons, and plant the seeds that help you succeed. But siblings are also an important part of who you are.

Though big brothers are special, here are 10 completely unscientific reasons why big sisters play an important part in your life.

Psychologist Robert Williams explains why sibling bonds are so important…

“In childhood, a girl may view her older sister as a rival; when puberty approaches, the sister becomes an admirable guide to the adolescent world.

Shortly thereafter, when both are receiving boys’ attentions, the sister may again become an unwelcome competitor.”

But this relationship changes later in life, and older sisters can become a major source of support.

10. She Can Mediate

When it gets tough to deal with parents, your big sister can help you both try to make amends.

It’s always helpful to have somebody who will likely be able to see the situation from your point of view.

9. She Will Forgive You

Even when you make an epic mistake, she’ll find it in her heart to let it slide.

And forgiveness can be so restorative for long term happiness and healthiness.

8. You Don’t Have to Fake It

Your big sister will always accept you for who you are… no matter how weird you get. 😉

7. She’ll Be a Cool Aunt

Aunts tend to spoil their nieces and nephews, but their support comes in handy when you need a babysitter with a lot of patience!

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6. She Listens to You

And gives you advice when you need it most.

5. She Keeps Your Secrets Safe

There are some things she’ll take to the grave.

4. She’s Kinda Your Mom

Big sisters tend to be like a second mom to their younger siblings.

That’s just the way it works.

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3. She Will Be There for You

Sometimes you just need someone to lean on.

That’s what your big sister will do.

2. She Makes Great Memories With You

This makes life awesome and gives you great things to talk about.

1. She Knows You

Your habits, ticks, and favorite ice cream. Your big sister knows you better than you think.

What do you think? Did we miss any reasons why it’s awesome to have a big sister?

Feel free to name more reasons why big sisters are awesome in the comments section.