I’ve heard countless stories in the last little while about people figuring out how to use the streaming services of their friends and family members…and sometimes people get really upset at folks who aren’t buying these services on their own.

And here’s another tale of streaming service drama from a girl whose being called out for using their boyfriend’s passwords to watch all kinds of content.

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AITA for getting my own streaming services?

“My boyfriend (28m) has given our streaming service passwords to several of his friends (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, etc).

If you’re someone who shares a streaming service with several people, you’re probably aware that there’s a cap on how many people can stream at once. Since our streaming services are being shared with so many people (he doesn’t remember how many people and which of his friends he shared it with.) It’s very difficult to watch anything since there’s always multiple people at any given time.

Whenever we try to watch a show or movie together and we can’t proceed because of limitations, he’ll excuse it by saying “we’ll just try later when they’re not watching.” The issue is someone is always watching lol.

My patience began to wear thin. So I told my boyfriend “I don’t mean to be nasty, but your friends are being freeloaders. They have jobs and if they want to use HBO Max, they can pay for their own subscription. It’s really hard to watch anything I, or we want to watch with so many people on.”

He told me I was being selfish and that since he pays for it, he can share it with whoever he wants to. So I subscribed to a few services on my personal devices and paid for them.

I was watching a show that I had been dying to watch on my laptop and my boyfriend asked if I wanted to watch something with him. I said “No thanks, I’ve been dying to catch up on this.” He then said “See? Just be patient, not everyone is watching all the time.”

I said “Oh actually I made my own account.” He got offended because he said he already pays for subscription services, so i’m just wasting my money and being childish.”

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