Have you ever been kicked by a horse?

I heard it’s not very fun!

And it’s even less fun when it was YOUR horse that kicked someone and that person wants you to pay the medical bills.

Oh, and that person who got kicked is also your own sister.


Let’s see what happened on the “Am I The A**hole?” page on Reddit.

AITA for not paying my sister’s medical bill after being kicked by my horse?

“Alright, so for some background. I have 3 horses and teach riding lessons for a living. I have a small acreage with 2 full time barn employees whom I trust DEARLY.

I trust them with the life and care with my horses and both of them have never given me reason to doubt them or their actions. My horses also love and trust them. My horses are well trained and have never kicked.

The one who did (edit for clarity – the one who did kick my sister- the first ever kick. When I say “the one who did kick”, I’m talking about THIS kick) is a retired lessons horse and my personal riding horse (doesn’t do kids anymore).

My sister visits often, and we have a very good relationship. Or did, until now. I’m getting 2 different versions of what happened from my barn employees and my sister, and I have decided not to pay her medical bill since I am leaning towards my barn employees story of events as it makes more sense.

So, my barn employees tell me that my sister came to visit and I wasn’t around. She came in and was chatting with them and it was while my old retired mare was getting a bath.

The employee said she told my sister multiple times to stop randomly reaching out for my mare’s tail and that she was repeatedly bothering/petting/talking to my mare from behind and the horse was getting bothered, pinning her ears and overall getting restless.

Evidently my sister was told multiple times to back off to avoid getting hurt and didn’t, and was subsequently kicked in the leg by my mare and has a bone bruise. $600 medical bill for my sister.

My sister says the horse randomly kicked out as she walked by. The horse in question has never kicked before.

Since the horse in question has never kicked and I could only really see her kicking if repeatedly bothered, I feel torn about paying the bill and decided not to. I mean if you harass a horse from behind, it’s your own fault for getting kicked right?

AITA here?”

And here’s how people reacted to the story.

This person said that the employee had no reason to lie and that a camera needs to be placed on the property to cover their backsides if something like this happens again.

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Another reader said the writer’s sister probably doesn’t even see their part in this story and doesn’t think they’re really lying.

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Another individual pointed out the obvious: even people who aren’t experienced with horses know that you should never stand behind them. Doh!

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Lastly, a person who has a lot of experience with horses said that horses don’t just kick folks for no reason.

The sister must have acted inappropriately for this incident to happen.

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