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AITA for taking “family” photos to send out without my actual mom and stepdad (and with friends in costume as them) after they took their family photos without me?

“I was born to a teen mom, my mom had me at 17 She later married my stepdad and they had my siblings who are 9 and 12 respectively. I’m 18 and in college now.

Before Easter, I was at college. And I found out that my mom and stepdad took family photos without me for the cards.

My mom said that it was just because she needed them printed in time and I was at college… But college is only 25 minutes away and I feel like my stepdad is resentful that their family includes some other guy’s child. He also described the photo as of “close family” but then backpedaled and said I just wasn’t as close physically because I’m at college…

So I decided to play a little joke, I took my younger siblings and two of my best friends to the Walmart photo shop.

And we took deliberately cheesy family photos, all wearing blue jeans and jean jackets. My friends dressed as my mom and stepdad, my female friend wore a bald cap to be my stepdad, and my male friend wore a wig and a denim dress to be my mom. My friend is really talented with makeup and honestly did a great job making them look like them

We took a bunch of pictures, with props, and picked a favorite of us all standing in silly action poses wearing raccoon skin hats. Between the makeup, hair, and big hats, we all agreed my friends looked like my parents when the picture was postcard sized.

It was honestly a really fun photo, really different than the serious ones my family always takes. I had it printed on cards and signed them with “Love, The (Name) Family”

I swapped the cards in the envelopes my mom had prepared, and resealed them with the sort of stickers she uses.

Apparently a couple of my extended family members didn’t look hard enough at the pictures to notice something was off, and just displayed them. But a few people mentioned to my mom that the picture was “funny” which p**sed her off because she thought they were talking about her very boring photo of them all sitting on a picnic blanket with a giant Easter basket

Then my aunt sent a photo of the card to the family group chat and said “this isn’t you, is it?” And the gig was up… My mom was furious at me for sending out the joke cards and embarrassing the family, and also for not sending the cards she had made and wrote in.

I told her that I didn’t get why she was upset about being left out of the family photo, apparently it isn’t a big deal to be treated like you’re not part of the family!

She said that I was making a mockery of her and my stepdad by having “cross dressers’ be in the photo. I said that I just wanted a photo with my close family just like my stepdad did and I consider those friends of mine my closest family! Because I guess that’s just something we can choose now!

My mom got so mad at me “sassing” her that she told me to leave and I went back to college.

AITA for pulling that stunt with easter photos?”

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