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AITA for making my dad’s girlfriend pay rent when she used to live rent free.

“My (M24) dad recently passed away. In his will he left d**n near everything to me because I am/was his only child, this includes his property which was 100% paid off.

My dads girlfriend (not wife as they were never married) had been with him for 7 years and made a huge stink about not being left anything at all in his will. We ended up having to go to court over the issue and she ended up getting 50% of the value of what he attained during their time together. However this doesn’t include his property as it was fully paid prior to them being together.

After all the paperwork was done and everything was in my name I told her that I had no issue continuing to live there but she’d have to pay rent at market value (≈$2700 usd a month easily). She and her mother lived/leeched off my dad for years paying for absolutely nothing and I was fully aware that she couldn’t afford this.

She got really upset with me saying “Your dad would be disappointed and disgusted” and tried to use her mother being unwell as an excuse to try to stay for free/minimal rent.

I simply told her that the place is in my name now and I can and will do what I please. Her options were to pay the rent or move out (I did agree to give her one month to get her s**t together). I even went as far as to say that I would sell the place if I had to and we’ll see if the new owner lets her freeload.

My girlfriend and grandparents think I’m being harsh but I simply have had enough of her leeching of us and it’s stopping now.”

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