People sure are pushy, aren’t they?

You give someone an inch and they take a mile, right?

Well, you just might feel that way after reading this person’s account of what’s going in with his brother and his wife in a place that seems a little bit too close for comfort.

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AITA for not giving my brother and his wife any privacy?

“My brother lost his job along with all his savings several months ago, and soon after he asked me if it would be okay if he (28M) and his wife (30F) stayed with me until they could afford their own place again.

I hesitated at first, considering I only have a 1 bedroom apartment, but according to them they had ‘no other options’ so of course I invited them over and bought a blow-up mattress for the living room.

For the first month things were manageable, although admittedly cramped. Then my brother told me that sleeping on the mattress was giving him back pains, so he asked if he could buy a small double bed for the living room.

The living room is by far the biggest room I have, so I told him that would be fine as long as there was still room for my couch/TV/bookshelves. The living room is also connected to my kitchen in an open plan style, so I reminded my brother to leave walking space around the bed.

It’s now been 2+ months and things have gotten a lot worse. When they first moved in, I would still use the living room every day to unwind on the couch after work. Now whenever I go in, there’s a strange vibe like I’m intruding.

My brother and his wife are often sitting in bed together when I go in (I always knock) and stare at me pointedly until I leave. Sometimes when I sit down they will directly ask me for some ‘alone time’ and say they would like the room to themselves.

This came to a head yesterday when my sister-in-law messaged me with a ‘timetable’ she’d made of when it would be ‘a good time’ for me to use the living room. The timetable basically says that they will allow me into the room for an hour each evening, plus 20 minutes around mealtimes.

I basically shut her down instantly and told her there was no WAY I’d be following the timetable since in the end it’s my apartment. She sent me back a HUGE message with a dozen paragraphs about how my constant presence was ‘ruining’ her marriage with my brother and they feel like they have no privacy.

I tried to talk this over with my brother that night, but when I got home neither my brother/SIL were talking to me, so he’s clearly just as p*ssed.

Today an Amazon parcel arrived for my brother with a lock for the living room door, which I told him there’s ‘absolutely no way’ I will allow him to install. My brother says I’m ‘creepy’ for wanting constant access to where they sleep and he’s insisting on installing the lock anyway.

AITA for not giving my brother and his wife their privacy?”

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This Reddit user said that the man’s brother and wife might be gaslighting him and that they should probably get their own place ASAP.

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And this person made a very good point: this guy is doing them A FAVOR. And this is how he gets repaid…?

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Another person pointed out that they’re staying for free in a tight space, so what the hell is this guy supposed to do about it?

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Another person on Reddit pointed out that this guy has gone above and beyond the call of duty in this situation. And they said the couple should probably vacate the premises sooner than later.

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