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AITA for intentionally choosing the same wedding date as MILs best friend?

“MIL has always had a way of making me feel very small.

We used to have a totally volatile relationship but then my fiancé did the work and set boundaries. she pretty much stopped speaking with us outside of holidays or obligatory family stuff. He’s invited her to dinner, asked if she wanted to talk it out and she has refused. MIL literally told him we are very different people and she doesn’t see the benefit in pretending to like me.

When she is around she is civil how but I can feel her judging me. She makes faces with her husband. She always looks like she is trying not to laugh. She’s also someone who everything has come naturally to and she just makes me feel like s**t. I don’t want to feel that way on my wedding day.

MILs best friend is getting married around the time we were thinking so I picked her wedding date, hoping MIL would not come. It worked and she isn’t coming to ours. I thought my fiancé was at peace with it but he got sad recently and talked about inviting his dad because it seems wrong to have his deadbeat dad there and not the person who raised him.

I felt like she and cane clean. He called it a huge betrayal and was very hurt. I even called mil and asked if she would consider coming to part of our wedding and she said no and her friend is her real family. I feel awful right now but my mom and friends are all saying anyone would have done what I did.”

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