You’ve probably heard of “regifting” items, but what are you supposed to do when someone demands that you give them something back?

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Check out this story about a woman who was given a family heirloom…but now someone is demanding that they give it back.

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AITA for not willingly giving back the family heirloom necklace my fiancé’s grandma gave me?

“Some important background- MIL was raised in an ab**ive family.

She was the scapegoat because she was the only child who wasn’t white passing and she had dyslexia which her dad didn’t believe was a thing. She went no contact at 18 and her parents weren’t at her first wedding. When MILs dad d**d her mom reached out and wanted to reconnect. They are taking it very slow.

My fiancé’s family has a beautiful heirloom necklace that goes to the oldest girl on her wedding day. It is diamond and sapphire and stunningly beautiful. My fiancé’s grandmother offered it to me in light of our upcoming wedding and I happily accepted.

MIL was the only daughter and it should have gone to her but she was estranged at the time. Mil is also engaged and will be getting married shortly after me. When she found out her mom gave me “her” necklace she became very upset.

She said that we were skipping over her. I felt bad but I also felt like she is a 43 year old woman and I’m just starting out. MILs mom said she didn’t know mil felt strongly about it and offered to give her something in its place but she didn’t want that.

Following the family dinner GMIL reached out and asked for the necklace back. MIL apparently told her that she wouldn’t ever forgive her if she didn’t get it for her. I do understand the hurt but GMIL can’t change the past and MIL has plenty of nice jewelry.

Her fiancé has gotten her a couple of beautiful pieces. GMIL begged for it back and said she couldn’t lose her daughter again. I said I felt horrible but it’s mine now and it means a lot to me.

GMIL then returned while I was at work and threatened to falsely accuse us of stealing it. My fiancé was nervous and gave in and gave it to her. I was furious and called her and told her she stole from me and you don’t get to take a gift back. I also informed mil that I will not be at her wedding because I don’t feel like seeing her wearing it and she showed that she has zero respect.

I am considering uninviting GMIL from our wedding. My fiancé will stand by me but other family thinks I’m being too harsh.”

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