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AITA for telling my (step)dad that his kids are not welcome in my life ever again?

“I’ll just get this out of the way.

My dad is technically my stepdad but he is the only dad I have ever known. He came into my life when I was 5 and my mom and him got married a year later. My dad has two kids from a former marriage. They were 8 and 9 when my mom and dad met. And from what I remember/know they never gave my mom a chance but weren’t overly hostile until their mom decided she h**ed mine.

My mom was always raised to believe that when you marry someone you treat their kids like their own but you respect the biological parents and make sure the kids are always put first, not the adult feelings. So my mom tried to forge a common bond with their mom and their mom didn’t like it.

This woman wished me and my mom d**d, she showed up at their wedding and tried to take my dad’s kids. It was crazy. Why my mom stayed I will never know but she did. And she loved us all through that. But my dad’s kids treated her like she wasn’t even human.

They refused to acknowledge her or they would make up weird stories about her. They didn’t like me either and used to say they’d sell me to whatever “bad guys” were looking for little kids. My dad fought in court to get that c**p to stop, he fought with his kids on being cruel and disrespectful and he even tried to reason with his ex. Nothing worked.

Their mom d**d a few years into my parents marriage and they blamed my mom. My dad put them into therapy to help them cope with the loss but they were eaten up by rage. And we found out their mom had fueled it all being my moms fault, because according to their moms sister she told them that my mom had cursed her to d**. They told my mom they hoped she would d** a slow and painful d**th.

The last time they said anything to her was via Facebook a few years ago. This movie called The Lodge came out and they told her she deserved what one of the characters had done to her. My mom gave up then and my dad accepted it. But I think he hoped I would someday have a sibling relationship with them.

It came up because I’m expecting my first child and he asked about trying to figure out them meeting. I told him they are not welcome in my life ever again. That they are vicious twisted humans who are his kids, and he loves them, but they have treated me and my mom worse than most people would believe possible.

My dad’s parents (I would call them my grandparents but I don’t think they ever really considered me part of the family and so eh) think I’m TA because it upset him that I would speak that way about his kids.


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