Firing someone is never fun.

In fact, if you’ve ever had to do it before, you know that you agonize over it and it can even make you physically sick.

And this woman wants to know if she was wrong for firing her nanny when she found out the nanny was pretending to be sick to get out of work.

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AITA for firing my nanny for faking sick to get out of working?

“My husband and I hired a nanny back in August to care for our kids while we’re working. The kids are on a weird schedule at school where they don’t attend every day or all day so we hired a full-time nanny, “Marie”.

We liked Marie, despite some issues with her following guidelines we’d discussed when we hired her: she let the kids have way too much screen time, she spent more time on her phone than with the kids, she would make messes and let the kids makes messes and she wouldn’t clean up after them, she had friends over without letting us know, she let the kids pig out on junk food instead of feeding them real food.

All of this had been discussed when we hired her, and we saw it all when we reviewed our security cam footage, so we sat her down about three different times and gave her official warnings each time. She’d improve for a while each time but go back to the way she’d been before.

Three days Marie called out, said she was really sick, so I told her to get better and I’d call out from work to be with the kids. I’m in the middle of a big project at work and people not coming hurt everyone but I’m a mom first and I don’t expect Marie to take care of the kids if she feels sick so I called out.

The next day it was really hot out and the local water park is running an off-season special with cheap tickets so I took the kids and after a while we ran into Marie with a group of her friends. I really couldn’t say anything except I hoped she was feeling better. Marie started to apologize and told me that her best friend had gotten tickets to the park and she wanted to go and she didn’t think I’d have given her the day off.

I told her I would have if only she’d told me the truth. I explained to her that she’d lied to me and made me call out at a time that was really inconvenient and if she’d just told me the truth then I’d have understood and I would have been happy to give her the day off and call out myself, it’s the fact that she lied to me is what upset me.

I added the lie to her other warnings and decided she wasn’t worth keeping employed. My husband and I pay well-above market rate and we provide everything, all she needed to do was take care of the kids and follow the few rules we set. I took her aside and really quietly and as kindly as possible explained this to her and told her that I’d pay her for the whole week but she was fired.

Marie started crying and her friends figured out what was happening. They called me a b**ch, a Karen, a monster. My kids got upset so I took them and left. Marie has been blowing my phone up with apologies and begging for another chance.

Some of my friends say I should have given her another chance and that firing her was an overreaction. Was I an a**hole?”

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