No, you may not search my bag!

Have you ever said that to a security guard before?

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AITA for not letting the security guy check my bag?

“I was shopping few days ago and couldn’t decide what to buy, walked around a few times and finally just grabbed a chocolate bar.

I paid for it, and at the door, security guy stopped me and told me to show him my bag. I was bit in shock but said no. He then told me again, that he needs to see my bag, (I had small black handbag). I repeated, that I wont show that to him. He said that he saw me stealing (I wasn’t), I said that according to the law, he has no right to go through my stuff without consent.

If he wants to, he can call the police, they can search me, however if don’t find anything, there can be consequences for him and the store. I then asked, if he’s going to call the police, which means I’d wait, because if I’d try to leave he’d actually be in the right to detain me, or if I’m free to go.

He again said that I need to show him my bag, but I again asked if he calling the police and he said no after bit of stalling. Some lady around said if I’m innocent to just show him.

I didn’t want to show my bag for multiple reasons. I know what kind of people these security people are, some wannabe cops, who’d never make it as a cop and ride high on power trip and also my bag’s messy. Some papers, pens, book, journal, half eaten bag of chips, so I’d be pretty ashamed of it.”

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