We might think that we know our pets pretty well and we know what’s best for them, but when professional groomers talk, we should all listen to what they have to say.

A groomer in Canada named Vanessa De Prophetis has made several TikTok videos for pet owners highlighting things that she thinks they need to know about their pets.

This video she shared shows some behind-the-scenes realities of pet grooming and how it’s not all fun and games. And also how it isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination.


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One video she posted is full of tips about how to properly brush your pets, which every owner should know about.


And here’s another video from De Prophetis where she talks about some of the things that pet groomers might not be comfortable telling owners about their animals.


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In this video, she talks about how it can be hard for her to get her point across to pet owners when she talks about their health care needs.


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De Prophetis also made it clear that groomers get attached to the pets they take care of just like their owners do.


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And one of the most important videos that De Prophetis posted is directed towards people who want to have an “end of life” grooming for their pets and why that really isn’t a good idea. This is really good to know.


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