Photographer Tanja Brandt specializes in capturing images of animals, but one special relationship she photographs has really made people fall in love.

Ingo the dog and Poldi the owl are best friends and Brandt documents their adorable friendship beautifully with her lens.

Take a look at this unlikely pair who clearly enjoy spending their time together.

1. About to set sail.


2. Time for a snooze.

3. Epic staredown.

4. Send more coffee.

5. Staring off into the distance.

6. Get outside with your pals!

7. What do you think they’re looking at?

8. They’re good at sharing with each other.

9. Hanging out with mom.

10. Rub a dub dub.


11. Just hanging around.


12. Take it all in.

Is that adorable, or what?

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