Typically, when NFL stars or other athletes win a national sporting event someone asks, “What will you do next?” To which they answer, “I’m going to Disneyland!” This Disney campaign and endorsement dates back to the 1980s and comedian and writer, Julia Prescott is bringing it back.

Julia recently applied for a writing gig and had her heart set on it. When she got rejected she had to make a decision—cry all day or celebrate at the most magical place on Earth. Even though Julia is not a famous athlete and she’s not celebrating a “win”, she decided to go to Disneyland alone. The best thing? She live-tweeted her experience.

Her poses are hilariously calm, collective, and perfectly timed. One might wonder if the rides affect her at all. I’d be a screaming mess!

By midday, things were looking up for Julia until this happened…

So what does one do while at Disney with a SECOND rejection? Keep having a blast! What else?

There are many reasons to go to Disney alone. You meet cool people who will take your picture and you can hang with ducks!

While Julia was sharing her day (and doing it awesomely!) she read the replies from Twitter and it filled her heart. She truly wasn’t alone.

That tweet read…

“Now I’m properly buzzed and reading y’all’s comments and feeling truly not alone.

Not getting that job was probably for the best cause now I’m free to do hoodrat shit with my friends (make comedy).

Thanks for being here with me on an otherwise crappy day you guys rule.”

And so do you, Julia! You rock!

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