It’s kind of amazing to think that even though we’re in the middle of a major health crisis, people still don’t act appropriately.

Case in point: these photos you’re about to see.

These folks haven’t been living in a cave, they’ve seen the news, so you have to kind of question just what the hell they’re doing.

Let’s take a look at these people.

People sure are strange…

1. What a time to throw a party!

By the way, the cops are at your front door.


2. A lot of money down the drain.

Smooth move, bro…

$5000 Canadian after someone using the microwave to disinfect it
byu/jdk inWTF

3. How did that work out for you?

Wow…not much to say about this photo.

Day 13 😂😂
byu/rsm386 inpeopleofwalmart

4. You can’t actually get it that way, people.

That company’s sales have to be WAY down.

Went to the shop last night. Every aisle had been picked clean apart from this… People are idiots.
byu/Cha7l1e infacepalm

5. Not setting a good example.

Cover your nose!


6. Do they change out the plastic every time?

Doesn’t seem like a great system.

7. A lot going on here.

You’re a scientist? Sure doesn’t seem like it…

5G—>Death = Science
byu/froooon infacepalm

8. Looks like everyone really got the message, huh?

On second thought…maybe not…

So, my work had a meeting about the importance of social distancing today…
byu/SoManyWeeaboos infacepalm

9. Good luck to you, sir.

That’s REALLY not a good idea.

This guy was eating his food wearing the same gloves he’s been wearing since he walked in.
byu/Necessary-Silver infacepalm

10. Try putting the shields OVER your face.

It might protect you a little bit better.

To shield the face
byu/ThisIsTrix intherewasanattempt

11. Kids today…

They must think they’re invincible.


12. Eating in line at the store???

Come on, man…

How to protect yourself from coronavirus
byu/cuchicou infacepalm

13. It can only get in through your eyeballs, so you did a good job!

That was a joke, please don’t do this.

How to put your mask correctly.
byu/rilebro infunny

14. Time for you to run away.

You showed her.

If you’re related to any of these folks, we sincerely apologize.

Yikes! Wow!

I think human beings right now are not really being recognized for their brain power…

Have you seen anything funny or totally ridiculous since this whole mess started?

If so, please tell us about it in the comments!