Pizza has to be one of the most comforting foods ever invented. I’m sure each and every one of us has a favorite pizza joint and a wealth of memories associated with it. For me, it’s Alessio’s Pizza. Whenever we’d get a half-day at school, my friends and I would walk over there and grab a slice for lunch. The cheese was gooey, the pepperoni were crisp, and the crust was just right…

Those were some great days.

All this to say that a simple pizza can make a person very happy – and that’s exactly what this story is about.

Meet the Julie and Rich Morgan. They had recently planned a trip back to their old stomping grounds in Battle Creek, MI to grab a slice from their favorite pizza joint, Steve’s. Early in their relationship, when their wallets were much thinner, Steve’s had been their go-to spot for a cheap dinner. It also happened to be the best pizza they’d ever tasted.

But their plans were unexpectedly cut short by a trip to the ICU.

It was a simple request. A text or a card…just something to let Rich know that the crew at Steve’s was thinking of him.

But one of the managers at Steve’s decided that was not enough.

Photo Credit: mLive

Dalton Shaffer is only 18 years old, but he understands the power of a pizza made with love. Instead of simply sending a text or a card, he did the incredible.

After delivering the pizza to Julie’s father, Dalton refused to sleep at their house or even accept a single dollar. He didn’t even want the story to get out. He simply wanted to help a couple going through one of the most difficult things two people can face.

The next morning, Rich and Julie woke up to find two of their favorite pies waiting for them in the kitchen. What a lovely surprise!

And all because one humble man decided to deliver a pizza in the middle of the night.