What if Krispy Kreme donuts started flying everywhere all of a sudden? In theory, it sounds like a dream come true — but in reality, not so much.

A Krispy Kreme delivery truck accidentally spilled dozens of donuts all over the road in Brookhaven, Georgia.

The Brookhaven Police Department got a call about the spillage and rushed to the scene immediately. The jokes about cops and donuts write themselves.

In a Facebook post, the department explained that they were far too late to save any of the donuts despite their “stellar” response time.

When it comes to fallen food, the 5-second rule reigns supreme.

“We found total carnage; donuts scattered along the curb and into the gutter- THE GUTTER, people!!!

We are deeply saddened to report that the donuts were a total loss.”

They continued with a sad note about the loss.

“As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time, and the senseless loss of these delicious pastries has deeply affected all of our officers.

We ask that you keep our department in your thoughts and prayers as we mourn this terrible moment.

#OnlyHalfKidding #TheyLookedDelicious #WeKnowItsAstereotype #NoShame #DonutsMakeEveryoneHappy”

Thankfully, another police department took pity on them and sent them a batch of “sympathy donuts” from Krispy Kreme — uncontaminated ones.