With everything that’s currently going on with the US postal service, it’s a wonder that anybody is a mail carrier at all. But, thankfully, we have a bunch of brave folks who continue to soldier on regardless of the circumstances so we can get our much needed mail.

That’s why one person on Reddit asked this question:

Postal Workers of Reddit: What do you need right now? How can we brighten your day when we see you on our routes?
byu/carrot_maniac inAskReddit

Personally, I LOVE that this question exists because we really could do a lot more for our folks in light blue… and it doesn’t take a lot of work.

Let’s find out more…

1. It’s not hard

Husband delivers mail and he loves just about anything people do.

From pictures drawn from kids along the route to thank you letters to cold water and ding dongs.

He is appreciative of it all!!

2. That’s cool! Literally!

You could buy them a battery powered mini fan that clips to something in their truck. Some wear water vests to keep cool.

Yes, postal employees can accept gifts up to $20

Here’s the policy: https://about.usps.com/postal-bulletin/2012/pb22349/html/cover_025.htm

3. Cooling down seems to be a trend…

Former carrier here.

Had one house that always left me a bottle of ice cold water.

Highlight of that route!

4. Basic. Human. Kindness.

My father has been a postal worker for decades.

What makes him smile the most is when people just reach out and be nice and friendly. He would always tell us stories about the people who would put a smile on his face.

Notes/cards go a long way. But also just say hi and ask them how their day is going.

5. Make their jobs easier.

Former mail carrier here, #1 get a bigger mail box lol.

Water and treats are nice, but a box they don’t have to get out at to deliver things is the gift that keeps on giving.

6. Games!

Cold drinks and maybe a bag of chips or something. I’m a current carrier and seeing that stuff can completely brighten our day. Also just saying hi, or leaving a note saying thank you.

I have a customer who plays tic tac toe with me. That’s pretty fun.

Honesty anything helps and please be friendly and understanding if something is late or missing. As of right now a lot of this stuff is out of our control. It’s coming straight down from up top and there isn’t a lot we can do about it ourselves.

7. The bigger the box…

I also agree that a big mailbox is an amazing option especially if you order a lot of small packages, but don’t feel like you have to replace your mailbox.

If something happens to your box or you’re looking for a new one, consider getting a larger box.

8. Pants pls!

Carrier here!

All I ask is for the love of God PLEASE WEAR PANTS WHEN ANSWERING THE DOOR!… I’ve had straight up naked dudes sign for there package without batting a eye…oh the stories of awkwardness I could tell you guys.

Oh also smiles and friendliness is appreciated ? ..but with clothes on…

9. Help them help you

Put numbers on your damn mailbox/house. Send cards/legit letters to people. Tear down your POS lockbox that nothing fits into and get an actual mailbox.

Say hello but don’t hold me up for a half-hour bc I don’t have time to lose. Buy stamps. If you see the mailman struggling with your giant ass refrigerator box, help, don’t just watch from your porch.


10. Control those pups!

Okay… I know the whole joke about “ahhh dogs hate mailmans dogs go brrrrrr”

But please do keep your dogs inside… it scares the mail 🙁

11. Wow! That’s so nice!

I’m a big Jimmie Johnson fan the Nascar driver, today I opened a box and there was a signed Jimmie Johnson hat with a note saying it was for me.

That has brightened my whole week, but water or Gatorade, snacks always appreciated. However I would recommend writing a note saying it’s for the mailman as a lot of times items are left in a box and we are unsure.

One Christmas I totally thought a gift was for me and it wasn’t. ?

12. It’s the little things!

I’m a carrier and I can tell you the cutest thing I see with the men in my office is the pure joy on their face when they reveal all the drinks/snacks they were given on their routes.

They are so excited to take their treasures home to show the family. They even take pictures and post them on Facebook.

As for me I love being squirted with a hose. A garden hose that is!

13. Yum!

My dad and his dad were rural carriers.

My dad’s favorite treat he received was peanut brittle made by different ladies on his route. If we were lucky he would bring it home to us! When I was little I would ride with him and get to meet tons of folks on his route. And yes, he loved the really big mail boxes.

Back then there was no UPS – he delivered everything, including live chicks. Oh, stories to tell.

14. Legit advice!

Yoooooooo Let me chime in, Postal worker here!

STOP YELLING AT ME WHEN I CAN NOT FIND YOUR PACKAGE!!!! We get mail from UPS AND Fedex and sometimes it’s already comes all fu*ked up or they lost it…but we are last to touch it, then customers hate us for thinking we damaged the package or lost it.

MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR ADDRESS CORRECTLY ALONG WITH APT # (if you live in an apartment) Many many times we get packages and they don’t have an apartment number, and you know how big apartment complexes can get, so how do you expect us to find where it goes ?? Just so you guys know when it does not have an apartment number it’s get returned to sender.

Also that sh*t where it takes photos of the letters your suppose to get and it sends a pic to you, we don’t even know where the picture is taken it could be from the originating city/country, countless times people come pick up there mail and they say “where’s this letter ?!” Then proceed to show me the picture like they think I’m keeping their dam mail, it usually comes a day or so later.

STOP TRYING TO SCAM US Looking at you people who sell sh*t on eBay, we know you paid for postage for 5 lbs when In reality it weighs 30 lbs, you cheap asses !

BE PATIENT!!! many times customers come in bitching that “ooooh my package should have been delivered already” so I track that sh*t and it still has not even left the city it’s coming from just cause it says ARRIVAL AT UNIT does not means it’s out for delivery ? “Mam your package has not even left Philadelphia!”

There’s probably more but this is all I could think about right now. Any questions lemme know.

15. They’re thinking about you…

When the quarantine was just getting started, a few of my customers left me a note in their mailbox.

Just a friendly thanks and reminder that I am appreciated being out there during these hard times, making sure people get their mail and packages.

I’d say this small kindness would be much appreciated again with all of this political nonsense interfering with my career. ✌?

So, it seems like they want a little bit of kindness, a lot of cold water, and maybe some bigger mailboxes.

Got all that? Think you can help out?

Let us know what you do for our postal workers in the comments OR… what you will do going forward!

Thx fam!