Customer service can be a nightmare.

Well, at least my job experiences kind of were. I worked in grocery stores and restaurants for a long time and, if you’ve had similar gigs, you know that the general public can be a real handful.

And they can get on your nerves in a major way.

Take a look at these things that customer service workers really don’t like and be sure not to do any of them next time you go into a store, okay?

1. Just go ahead and put that anywhere.

This is a big NO-NO.

My biggest pet peeve
byu/claytonccrider inretailmemes

2. Ummm, what about me?

People really blow my mind sometimes.

3. Uh oh, now you have to think.

And nobody wants that!

Brain.exe has stopped working.
byu/red498cp_ inretailhell

4. Let’s not even go there, okay?

Math is not my strong suit.

5. YOU. You’re why I’m here.

Any other questions?

6. I’m not sure how this helps me.

People, you’re really blowing it.

7. Never heard that one before.

I guess you just have to fake the big laugh.

8. No, I’m just in here hanging out.

Is that weird to spend time in stores I don’t work in?


9. I don’t think that belongs there.

This drives workers insane.

This sure looks right to me…
byu/trickerindaclub inTarget

10. Also, never, ever do this to a retail worker.

If you do, you’ll be cursed for life.

Especially in appliances
byu/JinzoWithAMilotic inTarget

11. Out of my way!

Move it, move it!

Old but gold
byu/robaco inTarget

12. Please don’t do that.

How rude can you get?

Dear customers, this is what happens when you reach around the shields to help yourself. Please stop.
by instarbucks

How about you?

Have you ever had any interesting experiences with customers?

We want the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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