Well, this is a weird one…no doubt about it.

But some people just can’t mind their own business, can they?

Take a look at this story from the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit that involves a cat, a raincoat, and an angry sister.


AITA for putting a rain coat on my cat?

“I’m 17 f, I have a cat who loves to go out in the garden but absolutely h**es getting wet. I live in a very rainy country and if the cat can’t go outside he gets bored which turns into him being destructive.

I managed to find a rain coat meant for small dogs but it fits my cat perfectly so I figured I’d get it out, since he already loves his dress and his batman fluffy thing and the rain coat was a massive success. He pretty much asks for it to he put on now so he can go out when it’s raining.

My sister came to visit the other day and midway through her visit, the cat wanted out in the rain so I put on his jacket for him and he went on his merry way.

Sister got mad, she said putting clothes on a cat, especially one with fur, is cruel and I’m only doing it for my own enjoyment. She thinks I’m a huge a**hole for this and for taking pictures of him in his rain coat.


And here’s what folks on Reddit had to say about this.

One reader made a good point: cats only do what they want to do!

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This person agreed and said if a cat didn’t want to be wearing clothes, it wouldn’t be.

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Another individual also agreed and summed it up: cats are HONEST…

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And this Reddit user said that they just need to ignore their sister…the cat will let them know if they’re unhappy or not.

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