Folks, here’s a life lesson for you…and I hope you’re listening loud and clear…

Don’t ever, EVER mess with a pregnant woman who wants food…because it won’t end well.

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AITA for interrupting my brother-in-law’s time with his girlfriend to ask him to buy me chocolate cake?

“My biggest pregnancy craving right now is chocolate cake.

We didn’t have any left and my husband was on an important call so I asked my brother-in-law if he could get it for me as my husband doesn’t think I should be driving or going out late at night alone right now.

He was spending time with his girlfriend when I asked so after he left she was annoyed at me for interrupting them.

She said I was rude and I should’ve got the cake myself or asked somebody else since they were busy and my brother-in-law wasn’t my errand boy. I explained why I didn’t go myself but she said I was just making excuses.


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And this Reddit user said she’s an a**hole and that she’s entitled.

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