I always find it to be so strange when I hear about people who want to be in the delivery room who aren’t either the mother or the father of the new baby.

Like…why would you want to be in there?

And why would anyone let you in?!?!

But, here we are, friends…

A woman shared her story on Reddit and asked if she was wrong for the way she reacted. Let’s see what happened.

AITA for telling my husband that if MIL is in the delivery room that he can’t go?

“Okay, so this is an issue that I can’t deal with

I(28)am six months pregnant. Me and my husband have been discussing who can be in the delivery room.

I told him my mother was going to go obviously and he said he would want his mother to be there. I would be fine that but the hospital will only let 2 people in.

I told him if she went he won’t be able to go. He said he was expecting me to get rid of my mother and and let him go but I told him that wasn’t happening.

We’re now in an argument and he said he going to go to his friends house. It’s been 2 days and he still hasn’t returned. He isn’t answering my calls either. Now I don’t know where he is.


Hmmmm…now let’s take a look at how Reddit users reacted to this story.

This person said that the woman who wrote the post was not to blame for anything.


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Another reader said that they can’t believe why this woman would stay with a man who treated her this way.

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This individual argued that women (and probably some men) should have a plan to get away from someone if they ever need to and they need to keep an eye on all the red flags that might pop up.

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This Reddit user said that who will be in the delivery room when the time comes is completely and totally UP TO HER and no one else.

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