While I’m not going to claim to be someone who loves spiders, I am someone who does my best not to harm spiders – even when they startle me or are alarmingly large.

They do more good than harm for the most part, even when they’re looking creepy and carrying a bajillion babies on their backs.

Also, their webs are objectively beautiful and total works of art – which this time-lapse video confirms beyond the shadow of a doubt.


♬ original sound – דינה אורן

Dina Oreno captured this totally mesmerizing video of a typically industrious and determined spider spinning a web on her back porch.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t stop watching it swing on the silk as she went about her business weaving a huge, prey-catching web.

Orb weavers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and are completely fascinating to watch – and yes, you can also watch this one (and the ones around your house) take their webs down the following morning.


♬ No No No No No – No No No No No

I like to call all of mine Charlotte, and greet them in the mornings and evenings – and I always feel just a little bit sad when they decide to dismantle their webs for the last time and move along to a different location.

It must be the child in me who will never forget reading Charlotte’s Web for the first time and realizing that yes, humans can bond with absolutely any animal – even a spider.


♬ original sound – דינה אורן

Do you enjoy watching the spiders around your house? Do you thank them for their service or gently escort them off the property?

Let’s normalize making spider friends, shall we – it’s the better way to live!