A black Labrador has a smile for everyone he sees at the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana where he’s been living ever since he was taken in at eight weeks old.

Look at this little guy!

Courtney Wingate, the Humane Society’s director, knew she couldn’t leave him behind when she spotted the pup’s smiling face at another shelter.

Now, he’s called Berreaux and he was hoping to find the right family to take him home, even if he had to grin at everyone who walks by.

Volunteer Sarrah Walton told The Dodo,

“It’s whenever you’re talking real sweet to him … he gets this smile like he wants something.

[It’s] like he’s telling you, ‘Come pet me, come love me’.”

Check out the video of Berreaux!

So, tell him what a handsome, good boy he is and you get rewarded with a big toothy smile.

After Berreaux recovered from an illness, shelter staffers made a video of him flashing his winsome smile to see if that would attract someone interested in adopting him.

After the video was posted on Facebook, the likes and comments started rolling in by the hundreds. Eventually, over 1,000 people shared the friendly pup’s video.

And yes, we’re going to end with some very, very, good news! His newfound fame finally netted him a forever home! Because who can resist that sweet, adorable mug and smile?

What do you think about this pooch? Would you want to adopt him?

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