In case you don’t already know this super-verified fact, hedgehogs are adorable and Azuki the Pygmy Hedgehog is their king.


Azuki even has his own Instagram which also features his princess daughter, Monaka. It’s filled with pictures of Azuki doing all kinds of wonderful things with his tiny possessions. But, probably the cutest Azuki adventure ever was the time he went camping.

Yes, Azuki packed up his little tent, his tiny Coleman campstove and his bitty table and chair. Then, he headed to the great outdoors.


He even went kayaking. First, though, a little practice on the river bank was in order. It’s difficult to work the paddles with little hedgehog arms.


Being out of doors really builds the old appetite. Kayaking helps too. That’s a real workout.


A good thing Azuki brought along plenty of food in his petite cooler. That stove seems to be working out well.


Azuki, you’ve gathered plenty of firewood. You certainly had a nice, warm fire at your camp. Good for the soul.


What an adorable little tent. Were you cozy, Azuki?


Azuki, you are one busy hedgehog with your modeling career. Camping, though, is a great way to reconnect with nature.

We hope you felt rejuvenated after your forest-bathing! 😉