The world could always use a bit more hope, so Queen Elizabeth II took to the airwaves to deliver an empowering message to citizens of the UK.

And yes, many were touched by her gesture, but one Twitter user, Peter Chiykowski, decided this was the perfect opportunity to challenge people to some Photoshop fun.

He even got the attention of John Oliver.

People love the royals, but with that green dress, Her Majesty provided the perfect opportunity for people to have some fun. They really rose up to Peter’s challenge too!

15. Her Majesty, and These Queens

14. This Epic Goal

Make fun of two beloved British institutions in one kick!

13. Live Long, and Prosper

Her Majesty looks great as a member of the Federation!

12. Her Majesty, and Queen 2.0

Can’t get enough of these, right?

11. Baby Yoda Queen

With a tea reference, to boot!

10. The Queen in A&F


9. Keep Calm and Corgi On

8. The Tardis Queen

Whovians love the royals too!

7. The Tiger Queen

Too much?

6. The Howling Queen

5. That One School Carpet Pattern

This is probably most familiar to U.S.-based Photoshop fans, but it’s still awesome!


4. Fresh Queen of Bel-Air

3. Queen of Stade Rennais

It’s a football club somewhere.


2. This is Very Meta

1. But Things Can Always Get More Meta

Here’s exhibit A.

Or as someone said about this Photoshop job:

People had some mixed feelings about these memes, but most people understood that it was all in good fun. Queen Elizabeth actually looked spectacular, but it makes sense that people want to have some good, clean fun.

What did you think of these Photoshop memes? Do you have any other suggestions for things these Twitter users could try? Name them in the comments and someone may actually create the meme you suggest. You never know!