If there’s something we as a society need more of right now, it’s wholesomeness and kindness.

There’s way too much ugliness in the world at the moment, so it’s important to step back from the madness and look at the nice things going on out there.

And I personally believe that there is a lot more good in the world than bad. Are you with me on that? I sure hope so!

Here are some wholesome posts that we think will brighten your day and make you smile in a big way. Enjoy, friends!

1. Good luck to you, sir!

I have a feeling he’s gonna be just fine.

This is the kinda energy I love to see
byu/Good_quality_OwO inMadeMeSmile

2. That’s 5-star service right there.

I wish all Uber drivers were like this…

Tim was my Uber Driver. He had a sign stating he had a speech impediment but could understand everything spoken to him. When we arrived he handed me this. My guy got those 5 stars.
byu/JMakesMusic inwholesome

3. That’s what friends are for.

Hang on tight to this one!

Wholesome af
byu/LoudGangsta8292 inwholesome

4. This was a great idea!

I’ve never heard of this before. Genius!

Their dog hasn’t eaten well since they brought their baby home – dog kept taking food into the living room and leaving it there. Someone suggested the dog might be worried the baby isn’t visibly eating, so is “feeding” the baby. They tried giving the baby a bowl of food at the same time. It worked!
by inMadeMeSmile

5. We tip our hats to this man.

He set a great example.

The real hero <3
by inwholesome

6. This young man is a true hero.

We can all learn from him.

This guy is a hero
byu/regian24 inMadeMeSmile

7. Richard, you’re right on the money.

And yes, we all need a Richard in our lives.

I need a Richard in my life
byu/intelinsidecore inwholesome

8. You look great!

Baby steps will get you to where you need to be.

I have struggled with severe depression all my life. Today, I decided to get dressed and attempt to look nice whilst in the midst of moving. This is the first time I felt pretty since my freshman year of high school. Baby steps! 😀
byu/AriDreams inMadeMeSmile

9. I think he has a new best friend.

Actually, that goes for both of them!

[deleted by user]
by inMadeMeSmile

10. Way to go, sir!

It’s never too late to turn it around.

6 years ago I was a homeless junkie with nothing to live for. Now four and a half years sober, just turned 30 last month, and I work at one of the correctional facilities I was locked up at. Recovery is possible.
byu/LouisGrip inMadeMeSmile

11. Keep up the good work!

Sometimes, you just gotta get out there and MOVE.

I put out a request in November (on Facebook) for mail for my 19 year old son, with autism, who loves walking to the post office. He has lost over 75 lbs from keto and these walks. He has received over 3200 letters and parcels with kind words and encouragment from over 24 different countries.
byu/swazmom74 inMadeMeSmile

12. Born to be a plumber.

Now, this is wholesome!

Kitty plumber story
byu/ap-meli19 inMadeMeSmile

I love all of those posts!

And now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us something nice and wholesome that’s happened in your life lately.

We can’t wait to hear from all of you!