Have you ever dropped your pooch off at the groomer so they could get a haircut and a bath and when you went to pick them up, you were blown away by the results?

Like maybe you thought you even grabbed the wrong dog by accident?

Hey, it happens all the time!

And it’s always a big shock (and a fun one) when you retrieve your pup after their appointment and they’re all fresh, clean, and looking sharp…at least until they decide they want to get filthy again.

Let’s take a look at some dogs that all looked completely transformed after a visit to the groomer.

1. What kind of animal are you?

I’m very confused here…

I just saw this posted on facebook and it says, “Life lesson learned. Be very specific when explaining how you want your dog be groomed.” DROPPED OFF A SHIHTZU, PICKED UP A LLAMA.
byu/karlest98 infunny

2. A whole new dog.

I don’t know how he feels about it…

Took doggo to groomer. Got a different doggo back
byu/Pacman327 inaww

3. Welcome home, buddy!

I think he’s gonna like it there.

My puppers after I adopted him, and after I had him groomed.
byu/Marilius inEyebleach

4. I didn’t recognize him, either!

He seems proud of his new look.

Oliver, our 8 month Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail) shed his puppy coat at the groomers. I didn’t recognize him at first!
by inaww

5. Time to get fresh for summer.

Now you can go hit the town.

My good boy got his summer haircut
byu/proveiwashere inaww

6. That’s a huge difference.

Now you can finally SEE!

What a difference a hair cut can make!
byu/tonylamentola inaww

7. You might have grabbed the wrong one…

You should call to double-check.

Pretty sure we picked up the wrong dog at the groomer’s
byu/andreatwm inaww

8. From shaggy to chic.

Hey, you’re killin’ it!

My dog before and after a haircut
byu/TheKugel inaww

9. Get a load of this twosome!

I hope you keep them!

What a difference a hair cut makes! Latest fosters 13 year old “Vileda” and 10 year old “Swiffer” Vets today to get them checked over
by inaww

10. It was definitely time for a bath and a haircut.

Now he is stylin’ to the max.

My dog Courage before and after grooming.
byu/ceeceeiarra inaww

11. Do I know you?

Seems a little fishy…

Still not convinced the groomer gave us the right doggo
byu/Karl_42 inrarepuppers

Now we want to hear from all the dog owners out there.

Have you ever had any experiences like this with your pooch at the groomer?

If so, talk to us in the comments and share some photos! Thanks a lot!