Survivors and fans of the 1980s and 90s well remember the birthday parties, play dates and weekends  at Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza and video game emporiums.

And we all got a little misty-eyed when we learned in 2017 that corporate planned to eliminate Munch’s Make-Believe Band–the robot rock group with Chuck E. in front bringing down the house with his vocal stylings.

But if you’re all mopey about never seeing Chuck E. and his bandmates again, there’s good news. A museum in Volo, Illinois is planning a display of a few of the animatronics!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

The Volo Auto Museum has exhibits of classic cars, vintage arcade games and more animatronics. Chuck E.’s band will join the other classic groups who entertained kids throughout the 1970s at Chuck E. Cheese’s–The King, King Kat, and The Rock-afire Explosion.

The Rock-afire Explosion started their illustrious run with Showbiz Pizza, which eventually merged and rebranded with Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Chuck and Helen

The museum is working on bringing the characters Mitzi Mozzarella, Fatz Geronimo, Billy Bob Brockali, Rolfe DeWolfe, Dook LaRue, Looney Bird, Beach Bear, and Moon back to their former animatronic lives soon.

If you’re craving a little Chuck E. entertainment before the big rock show debuts, visit the museum’s own pizza parlor to see the Beagles. They’ll rock your socks off with their renditions from The Beatle’s songbook, just like they used to.

Munch's Make Believe Band

With childhood becoming more of a distant memory, it’s nice to know our old robot-friends are still available for some weekend jams and playtime.

Do you remember these character? Who was your favorite?

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