A set of roommates wrote a letter to their new neighbor, offering to walk her dog anytime. To their surprise, they got a letter back — from the dog. Just when you thought dogs couldn’t get any more wholesome!

Jack McCrossan and his three roommates recently moved to the city of Bristol in the U.K. Unfortunately, the landlord wouldn’t allow them to have a pet in their new place.

Their new neighbor, however, did have a very cute pup, who they spotted in the window. They had an idea: to befriend and/or help take care of the pup, to have some dog company around.

They wrote a pretty strongly worded letter:

“If you ever need someone to walk him/her, we will gladly do so.

If you ever get bored (we know you never will, but we can dream) we are more than happy to look after him/her.

If you want to come over and bring him/her to brighten our day, you are more than welcome.

If you want to walk past our balcony windows so we can see him/her, please do.”

Soon, they got a reply letter addressed to “the boys” and stamped with a paw on the back. It was written on behalf of the dog, Stevie Ticks.


The letter began,

“What a treat it was to receive your letter.

On the subject of treats, I like them a LOT. Big ones and meaty ones and cheesy ones… oh sorry… Where was I?”

The letter went on to explain that Stevie is two years and four months old, and she’s a Labrador mixed with German shepherd.

“I love meeting new people and it would be great if we can be friends.

I must warn you that the price of my friendship is 5 x ball throws a day and belly scritches whenever I demand them.”

The letter also included owner Sarah Tolman’s contact info.


Needless to say, Stevie Ticks just gained four new besties.

I mean, is your heart completely melting because of that exchange? I can’t even anymore!

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