There they go again!

I’m talking about the husbands of the world, who always seem to be up to some kind of shenanigans.

They’re corny, they tell bad jokes, they purposely get on their wives’ nerves, and, most importantly, they’re FUNNY.

Because, as we all know, keeping your partner laughing is one of the key ingredients to any successful relationship. There’s no doubt about that one, my friends…

So if you feel like you’ve been slacking in the comedy department with your husband or wife, maybe you should study up on these folks so you can put a little spark back into your marriage.

Let’s take a look!

1. Things are really escalating.

Will you be able to stop her?!?!

2. Never-ending packages.

This is your life now.

3. A classic husband joke.

Good thing she thinks it’s funny.

4. Deeep thoughts from Brandon.

Let’s talk about clams.

5. Every man’s dream.

Just like Al Bundy.

6. Are you okay?

He’s very worried about you.


Why do people talk about this?

8. That doesn’t look good.

Be very careful with this new baby!

9. Update me every five seconds, please.

Next update: stopped at a red light.

10. Let’s see some noods.

Oh…that’s what you meant…

11. Is that how it works?

I’m not sure, exactly…

12. Oops. Sorry about that.


Now we want to hear from YOU.

Does your husband send you totally ridiculous and hilarious texts from time to time?

If so, please tell us all about it in the comments or, better yet, share some screenshots with us.

Thanks in advance!