The fella you’re about to meet might look a little bit scary at first glance, but you can be assured that he’s a lovable guy who is living his best life despite all the adversity that he’s faced.

Jasper is a hairless cat who, sadly, has had to have both of his eyes removed because of corneal ulcers. His look is no doubt unique and I believe he could even be the villain in a horror film, but the good news is that Jasper is pain-free and lives a pampered life that any cat would be envious of.

He has over 92,000 fans on Instagram and it seems like folks just can’t get enough of him. Let’s meet this handsome kitty, shall we?

1. Before and after.

Poor little fella.


2. Looking deep into your soul.

You have to admit, it IS kind of frightening at first…


3. But he’s a good boy.

And he gets a lot of love.


4. Extreme close up.

He almost doesn’t look real.


5. Jasper’s annoyed about something.

What is it this time?!?!


6. Want a bite to eat?

We’ll see about that…


7. A cool Jasper tattoo.

Now he’s immortal.


8. Over the shoulder.

Hitchin’ a ride with Mom.


9. Needs a little alone time.

Who doesn’t, right?


10. I want to hold your hand.

She’ll always be right by you, buddy.


11. Nice to meet you!

What a good boy!


What a good boy!

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