I’ve never heard of having to put down a deposit at a restaurant…but here we are, folks.

And this person sounds like she’s a little bit worried about alienating a friend after some drama went down when they went out to eat.

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AITA for ‘alienating’ a friend after we walked out and lost our deposit because she brought her baby to the restaurant?

“A while back, a group of 5 of us had planned to go to this restaurant. We all like shisha, and this place is known for theirs.

We had planned this in the group chat, and we’ve been here before and everyone knows the drill. This restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating, so the indoor is just a normal restaurant while the outside is where you can smoke cigarettes and do shisha.

We booked this restaurant a week in advance because we wanted to go on a Friday and everywhere is super full on Friday nights.

We get there, and one of our friends show up with her baby. Everyone is like wtf? It’s also one of those restaurants where you’re seated once the entire party gets there so the rest of us were in the little waiting area.

And we’re all like, are you okay with your baby being around all that smoke? And she says “I was hoping we wouldn’t smoke this time, I had to bring the baby because the sitter I hired cancelled”

And I tell her that even if we don’t smoke, since we booked an outdoor table we’re going to be surrounded by people smoking anyways. I guess she hadn’t thought that far ahead, because she looked a bit panicked.

We went ahead and asked one of the staff whether it was possible to get a table indoors, but they said it was a Friday night and they’re fully booked so if we want to eat there we’re gonna have to sit in the area we booked.

People were a bit unhappy, but none of us wanted to ask her to leave, since she came all the way and she was our friend.

So we walked out. We lost our deposit, and each of us paid our share of it to the person that booked the table. But our friend with the baby didn’t.

When she was asked for it, she said she’d pay it back but when pushed she said she didn’t think that she owes anything. Then she said how can we ask a new mum on a limited budget for money.

People were angry, and haven’t really invited her anywhere since. She called me crying yesterday saying that we’re alienating her over something petty and that she feels depressed that no one from our group has called to see how she’s been in a while.”

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