If you take someone’s word over one of your kids, you better believe that there are gonna be some issues.

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AITA for believing the housekeeper over my son?

“We hired a housekeeper that comes over several times a week to get the house clean since my husband and I are busy with work.

We have 2 kids (Jeremy 16 & Raya 14) now Jeremy is a jokester, he likes pulling pranks on everyone in the house…and that included the housekeeper. He did stuff like throw her purse, hide her wallet and got punished for it then told to not do it again because our house keeper almost quit and we didn’t want that.

Now onto the current situation…some days ago I got a call from Jeremy while he was having friends over telling me he saw the housekeeper sneak one of my jewelry into her purse and asked me to come home immediately. I freaked out and tried to call my husband but he didn’t pick.

I went home and was mad, I talked to the housekeeper and she denied putting anything in her purse, I demanded to see her purse and my jewelry was there. The housekeeper started swearing on her children that she didn’t put it in there and had no idea how it got there….I believed her and figured Jeremy had something to do with it given his history.

I switched my attention towards him and had him explain to me exactly how he saw our housekeeper do it. He told me what he saw but a friend of his came forward and said that he saw Jeremy put the jewelry inside the lady’s purse and was trying to get her in trouble. Jeremy yelled at his friend then told me it was just one of his pranks but I was furious, I kicked the rest of his friends who covered for him out and I punished him hard and apologized to the housekeeper.

My husband reacted unexpectedly after he heard and said that I was wrong for choosing to believe the housekeeper over our son even though there was a witness but he said his friend must’ve said this to get him in trouble or because the housekeeper paid him to side with her which was shockingly absurd of him to say.

He said I was not being a good mother and my first instinct is to always believe my son in whatever he says and never ever question him in front of his friends like that.

I’m confused, did I mess up?”

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