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AITA for calling out my fiancee’s step dad’s toxic behavior in a family gathering?

“My (f24) fiance (m24) has had a complicated life. His dad abandoned him before he was born, his mother was a single mother for some years until she met her actual husband, they had two kids together.

From what my fiance has told me, his mother was very lovely but his step dad was a total AH. Once he had his own kids he made sure to let my fiance know that he was worthless in comparison to his own kids. I disagree about his mother being nice because she enabled this behavior from her husband to her own kid but I wasn’t there so I can’t know for sure.

My fiance likes gaming and anime, he has since he was a kid, however he was shamed by his step father because of it. Their relationship is not good and it’s all his step father’s fault, he never tried to be a parent for him and h**ed having to keep him in the house (my fiance’s grandmother told me this). When he was a teen everything was an issue, from his hobbies to friends, anything he did was wrong.

Well anyway he’s in college now and is studying to be a programmer. He’s doing great. His mom invited us over to dinner. We drove there and luckily we didn’t had to put up with his step father for too long because he wasn’t home when we got there. He arrived just a little before lunch was served.

After eating we were hanging out in the living room when fiance’s mom asked him about college. He started talking about his grades, his classes and other school related stuff. His step father asked his sister who’s a senior in high school if she had been studying.

She said she did and he said great because she needs to be ahead foe next year. He then explained that his daughter was getting ready because she’ll go into law school next year (he’s a lawyer too) and then he said the comment that made me snap. He told my fiance that law school was hard and been good at it is something to brag about because everyone can play videogames all day but not everyone can graduate from a serious career (he literally said this).

I looked over at my fiance and he was sad, he didn’t said anything but I know him. So I snapped. I told him that if he thought that studying programming was playing videogames all day then he was far more ignorant that I thought he was. I originally planned to stop it there but then I got caught up in the moment and also told him that he was an a**hole for dragging my fiance down on purpose.

I also told him that he must have a miserable life if he’s so focused on causing pain on others. Nobody said anything and my fiance asked me to leave so we did.

He’s not angry at me, quite the opposite, he thanked me for standing up for him. I made sure that he knows I support and love him.

However he got a message later from his mother about how rude I was for disrespecting his step dad and how I ruined the day. I honestly don’t care and neither does he, but I want to know if I was too rude or not.”

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