Is there anything worse than getting called out in public when you’re being a hypocrite?

How about when you get called out in front of your family?

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And this woman shared her story on Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole?” page because now she’s worried about her actions.

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AITA for pointing out my niece’s hypocrisy in front of family?

“A little background first.

My niece (30s) is my much older brother’s child and we grew up fairly close as young kids. Around high school niece (May) and I took different paths. My partner and I are child free and enjoy a very simple lifestyle. My niece has a MASSIVE 6000+ sq ft home and multiple vehicles for different uses, as well as a vacation home and other luxuries.

Around three months ago, I had a pregnancy scare. My parents are disappointed that I’m not taking this event as a sign to have a child. My mom reminds me how May now has three biological children and two foster children, but then confides that May is having one of the foster children removed.

The reason? May’s biological children are all on the spectrum. All need specialized care. She got pregnant purposely with the last two, each time hoping the child would be neurotypical so she could “have the experience” and so she could leave the older sibling(s) in their care after she and her husband d**. When that didn’t pan out, she used her connections as a social worker to select foster kids who were old enough to “help out”.

Obviously, I think this is…s**tty. The foster child she wants to “rehome” isn’t working out because of “her attitude”. This 16 year old girl doesn’t want to help calm down an autistic foster brother at 3 am or other tasks related to May’s bio kids. Each bio kid already has a daily carer, AND there is a housekeeper and summertime nanny.

Last weekend there was a family BBQ. Partner and I attended and found out that May is being recognized at work for her “exceptional” contributions to the local autism awareness community. I was happy for her until she started making snarky comments towards my partner and I about how we’d never know how it feels to be valued like she is or the validation from being a parent.

She made fun of the free classes my partner gives to people who want to learn more about herb gardening. Apparently, that’s just him “playing at teaching” and doesn’t add anything to the community like she does. I lost it after that s**t and called her on having a crew of employees to maintain her family and home while she pretends to have bio children for the “joys of parenting” and takes in foster kids to do heavy lifting on her behalf. We left after I apologized to everyone else in attendance.

My parents said she deserved it. The rest of my family has been bombarding me with texts saying that I’m an a**hole for my little speech because I had no right to bring up the fact that she openly told everyone the reasons for getting pregnant with #2 and #3.

So, Reddit, AITA for putting May in her place? I’m unsure if it really was a clueless response on my part because I don’t have children and I have no experience caring for someone on the spectrum.”

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