Family heirlooms can get people really fired up.

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Is this woman a jerk for not wanting to give the jewelry her grandfather made to her niece?

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AITA for not wanting to give my niece bangles that my grandfather made for me?

“My 23F’s grandfather was a goldsmith. When he was alive, he used to occasionally make gold jewellery for his daughters and granddaughters.

He didn’t make any for his sons or grandsons because we’re muslim, and in Islam men aren’t allowed to wear gold. However, when my grandmother passed away her jewellery (majority of which was designed and made by my grandpa) was equally divided between my dad, aunts and uncles.

My brother and SIL had my niece 8 months ago. They’re planning on doing a family photoshoot and wants to incorporate grandpa’s jewellery as well. My dad has already let SIL pick what she likes from the jewellery that he has for the photo shoot. However, my dad doesn’t have any pieces that are baby sized, but I do.

She asked me whether she can borrow some of mine for niece. She looks through what I have, and zeroes in on a pair of bangles. Grandpa made me those for my first birthday, and they’re my favourites as well. I don’t mind letting her borrow them, but SIL then asked whether I would mind gifting them to niece as an early birthday present.

I immediately noped out of that situation. She left without borrowing anything, because she “loves” the bangles. My brother calls me later that day and asks whether I’d be willing to let niece borrow those bangles instead. I said no, but SIL is welcome to pick something else to borrow.

But apparently SIL has her heart set on those bangles. We’re currently at a stalemate. SIL hasn’t replied to my message saying she can pick something else to borrow.”

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