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WIBTA if I don’t go to my daughter’s wedding?

“About ten years ago, a close friend of our daughter’s came out as gay.

This friend in particular slept over at our house so much that she was almost like a daughter to us. We even had a separate bed in our daughter’s bedroom just for her. When we found out she was gay, our husband and I had a discussion about whether we should continue to let her sleep in our daughter’s bedroom, or if we should move her to the guest bedroom.

We were hesitant, but we had a conversation with our daughter, who was 17 at the time, and she told us that even if her friend tried anything, she would shut it down because she was straight. It made sense, we believed our daughter was trustworthy and responsible, and so we allowed the friend to continue sleeping in her room.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. They finished senior year and went off to college. We never suspected anything. Every time they would come home for the holidays, my daughter brought a boy with her and my daughter’s friend brought a girl with her. Come to find out, that the boy we thought our daughter was dating was actually dating the girl that we thought our daughter’s friend was dating.

And the way we found out is because one day I get an invitation in the mail. To a wedding. For our daughter. And her friend. I was so confused. I called my daughter, thinking there had been some type of typo or something.

No answer. I call the friend and I can barely ask, “What’s going on?” before the friend breaks down crying and confesses that her and my daughter have been in a relationship for a decade, which was around the time we agreed to let her sleep in our daughter’s room.

My husband and I felt – feel – so betrayed. Our daughter gets on the phone and says, “Mom, Dad, I know you’re upset and I promise we’ll talk after the wedding and I’ll explain everything.”

I said, “Okay, we’ll talk after the wedding.” I hang up. The next day she calls me. I pick up and say, “Why are you calling me? I thought you didn’t want to talk until after the wedding.” She said, “We are, but I wanted to know what times you’re available so we could go get measured for our dresses.”

And I said, “What do you mean ‘we’? You don’t that your father and I are going to your wedding, do you? You lied to us for ten years. For no reason. And you expect us to just automatically disregard that? We’ll talk after the wedding.”

I haven’t spoken to my daughter since then and the wedding is sometime this month. My husband and I have been getting a lot of calls from family members on botj sides telling us that we’re being “selfish” for ruining our daughter’s special day over something that “happened ten years ago.””

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