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AITA for exposing my cousin after she called my life pathetic?

“I (f21) come from a big family composed of 20 cousins, most of them boys.

One of the only other girl cousin I have is the eldest (S, f35) and is this snobby rich parisian girl whom I used to absolutely adore and admire and now I’m just meh about (before the incident) .

We met a week ago for a big family reunion. As usual S got very d**nk and she gets kinda Alabama-y (kissing a groppin) with another one of my cousin (E, M31) I see them kissing and am absolutely repulsed but just closed my eyes and pretended I didn’t see anything. Later a group of my cousins friends came in and we hung out and drank more with them.

S and I were talking to the same guy and she kept bringing me down in front of him and the others. It didn’t really bother me I’m used to it. Until she interrupted me to say “no one give a s**t about your pathetic life, you’re only that way cause your dad never loved you fatty (la grosse)” (backstory: my dad left me and my brothers about 4 years ago and it took a big toll on my mental health).

It made me so mad and sad that said “well at least I’m not a 35yo witch(with a B) who isn’t able to pull guys that aren’t my cousin.” She got mad, screamed that how dare I say such things in front of other people (cause turns out most of my family knew they hooked up at family reunions and did like me, pretended they didn’t see anything) and how I am going to embarrass the whole family by saying it to others.

Now my aunts and uncles are getting mad that I blabbed a family shame to an outsider and that I should just go tell everyone I was lying for attention. I think I was in the right for defending myself (my brothers think so too) but I’m not sure… AITA?”

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