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AITA for telling my husband exactly why I can’t dance every night when I get home from work?

“Background: I (35) am married to my husband (37) of 6 years and working mother (nurse) of 3 kids.

We were at my inlaws house for thanksgiving dinner and every family member was able to make it.

We were at dinner table when my BIL started talking about his girlfriend’s new fond hobby which is “dancing” and said she’s been dancing for him every night after she gets back from her “Zumba” classes.

The men in the family “clearly” got intetested and they kept talking about it in details as me and other women were just rolling our eyes. my husband then and all of a sudden just threw his fork and looked at me and said “HEY Jess! (fake name) Why Can’t You Dance For ME When You Come Home Every Night Like (BIL’s gf name) Does?”.

I was blown away by his question and really thought he was joking but no. I looked around and saw everyone staring at me with my cousin in law sarcastically singing the ‘dance monkey’ song.

I flipped out and said “I don’t know, maybe because when I get home I cook then start my cleaning routine then feed the kids dinner then do the dishes then get our 8 months old to sleep then clean the messy bathroom and bedroom then suddenly fall asleep the minute I get in the bed from being exhausted from working on my feet all day long then coming back to messy home and demanding kids and a husband…God what a terrible wife I must be to not find time to dance”

He froze in his place and the entire table got quite then my SIL’s jerk, cop husband who h**es my husband’s guts started laughing then said “Good God!!!, guess turkey…I mean chicken’s really coming home to roost, huh?!”.

My husband’s face was so pale he just told everyone after noticing how awkward things got that he needed a minute outside. He got up and walked out and I followed him and he flipped out at me saying great job making thanksgiving awkward and embarrassing him in front of his family like that. An argument ensued and he said he wanted to leave after I caused him to be in an awkward position in front of family.

We got home and he shut down completely. I stayed with the kids and couldn’t sleep even after I called my MIL (his stepmom) saying good on me for calling him out as he stepped out of line but she could be bias since she ha**es his guts too and I just felt guilty when I think about what happened thinking I mishandled the situation and ruined thanksgiving for everyone.


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