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AITA for not waking my boyfriend which made him late to his first day at a new job?

“I (28F) have lived with my BF(30M) for 3 years now. When I first stayed the night and he overslept I woke him up. He woke up in a bad mood and after a big fight made it absolutely clear that I should not wake him up even if I knew he would be late to meeting the Pope (his words)

After I calmed down I wrote a “contract” that said I would never wake him up under any circumstance short of an emergency as long as he never blames me for oversleeping. He laughed and signed it. I kept it with my important documents. (Daughter of two lawyers, get everything in writing and don’t sign anything unless you and your lawyer read it are rules I live by)

Fast forward to yesterday, he just started a new job, celebrated the night before playing with some guys online. He had to wake up by 7am.

I woke up at 5am like usual, did all my stuff, by the time it was 7am he didn’t wake up. I left the house at 8.15am and he was still asleep.

When I got back he was there and he was very angry, he started shouting and blamed me for being late, said I should have woken him when I noticed he overslept.

All I did was stay silent until he stopped shouting then showed him the paper he signed. And then I said I never woke you up and I never will, you are an adult and you can set an alarm like the rest of us. Also you being late is a you problem and I have no part in it at all.

Now he says that I am an AH and I should know that the old rules do not apply since he no longer works for his friend that was lax with time. I still think I did nothing wrong.


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