If you’re not a doctor, you probably shouldn’t go around claiming to be one.

But that’s just me!

Maybe other folks think that’s a good idea, but I’m standing firm on this one.

So was this woman an a**hole for calling out her cousins when they claimed they were doctors?

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AITA for pointing out that my cousins aren’t doctors?

“I (31F) am currently doing my residency in internal medicine. It’s brutal, but I should be finished in December. I have five cousins on my dad’s side. Most of them have non-health related careers, but Andy (32M) is a chiropractor and Kayla (26F) is a nurse practitioner.

Now, my dad’s family has had at least one or two doctors in every generation. My grandpa and his brother were both family medicine, my dad is a urologist, and one of my aunts is a pediatrician. When I was in high school and college, my grandparents used to talk about how I would carry on the tradition and be the first doctor in my generation of our family. My other cousins were very clear they weren’t interested.

Last weekend, we had an early Easter celebration/ egg hunt with my dad’s side — some people are on call this coming weekend, so it made more sense to do it early. At the table, my grandma was asking about my residency and how happy they were to see me as the first doctor of my generation. Andy butted in and pointed out that he and Kayla are also “doctors.”

I was frankly annoyed and a little tipsy, so I told him that chiropractor and NP aren’t the same thing as a physician, at all. Chiropractics is pseudoscience and can even be dangerous for patients. Nursing is a great career and I’m proud of my cousin for getting her NP, but an NP is it’s own distinct thing.

Andy got p**sy and called me privileged and arrogant. Kayla kind of took my side, but then said something about how NP school is just as challenging as medical school and that it’s “only devalued because nursing is a historically female career path.”

My grandpa interjected to tell them both to take a seat, that they weren’t doctors and shouldn’t be claiming to be such. After lunch, Kayla pulled me aside and un-invited me to her private practice grand opening next month.

She said she only wanted people who would cheer her on to attend, and she felt it was best if I skipped. I didn’t really want to go anyway — I have very limited free time — so I said I respected that.


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