I think we can all agree that everyone needs privacy from time to time.

And that includes privacy from your spouse..

But did this woman go too far when she told her disabled husband he couldn’t hang out during ladies night?

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AITA for not letting my husband sit with us during girls night in?

“My husband (35) is disabled, he’s in a wheelchair and is home 24/7.

Because he needs me around to assist him, I’d have him and his chair nearby while I do laundry or cook or clean. He’s with me most of the time except for when I go to the bathroom, but even then he’d complain about me being away for so long. I don’t even go shopping, everything gets delivered to our home.

I haven’t seen my girlfriends for a while and have arranged to start having girl night ins at my place since I can’t be away from home, especially at night. I asked my husband for some privacy when my friends come and he took it badly, took it as in I was annoyed and bothered by him but I assured him it wasn’t like that.

He said if it’s true then I’d let him sit with us during girls night in. I absolutely refused and tried explaining that my friends and I need privacy and this is the only time we spend together. I also explained that having him sit with us would ruin the purpose of girls night in. He threw a hissy fit and called me selfish and rude for refusing. He started giving me the cold shoulder saying until I agree to include him, he will not be speaking to me.

AITA for choosing “this hill” to d** on according to him?”

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