You eat it, you buy it!

Those are words to live by, don’t you think?

You better believe it!

But this woman is now questioning the decision she made about her boyfriend after he ate her food.

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AITA for not paying for my food when my boyfriend ate it?

“Yesterday, as you all know was New Year.

My boyfriend Alan (M26), a couple mutual friends and I (F26) went for out for dinner to celebrate at a restaurant. Just for extra information, I’m a little on the heavier side. I’m on diet currently trying to lose the extra lbs, and Alan knows.

At dinner, I ordered something called the “Crispy lemon chicken with creamy parmesan spaghetti”. It looked so amazing, and I decided to give myself a treat after eating healthy for a while. Alan gave me a weird look when I ordered it, and said loudly to all my friends “Woah, no more diet?” which was kinda embarassing. Alan ordered a mushroom cauliflower rice with sweet peas.

The food came in about 20 minutes time, and to my shock, Alan immediately started digging into my spaghetti. I said “Hey, that’s my food” and he laughed “You can have mine, it looks nice.” I argued that I didn’t order that (I sadly H**E cauliflower rice with a passion) but he said that I didn’t need the extra calories. I would’ve grabbed back my food but I didn’t want to embarass myself in front of everyone, so I angrily relented.

Later when we were footing the bill (we were all supposed to pay for our own meals), Alan asked me for $14 to cover my food (which was the cost of the spaghetti). I said that I wouldn’t pay because I didn’t get to eat it. He asked for $10 (price of the cauliflower rice), but I still disagreed, because I didn’t order it. He got angry and said that I was acting like a golddigger. He said that I was an a**hole.

My friends think he shouldn’t have been rude to me, but that I should’ve paid for the cauliflower rice since I ate it. It’s petty, but he’s been b**ching about me to people, so AITA?”

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