Couples tend to get fired up about what they’re going to name their kids but what happens when there’s a conflict about what LAST name a kid will have?

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AITA for refusing to give my unborn son my husband’s last name?

“I (f26) have been married to my husband (m31) for 3 years, and we’re expecting a baby boy together.

When I married my husband I kept my maiden name which he was perfectly okay with. We already discussed this and agreed that any future kids we have will automatically take his last name. His family considers this huge deal and I decided to keep to just go with it.

But recently I started thinking about it a lot more and figured that it would be unfair for my unborn son to take my husband’s family name and not mine. I talked to my family and they said my husband and inlaws are ridiculous to push this on me without a compromise expecting I go with it.

So I went home and told my husband that I’ve changed my mind about the last name thing and want to either have both our last names combined or my last name to be given to our son. He was confused saying we had an agreement and then asked what was the cause of this sudden change of mind. I told him and he said I can’t just do that and called me selfish when I pointed out that I’m the mother I get a say too.

We went back n forth on this and he said no way he and his family will let me do this to his son, as if my last name is a disgrace. We had a fight and we stopped talking after this. He said that I broke and violated my part of the deal and I should just ‘deal’ with it now but I won’t accept it.


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